Like any vehicle on the road, one that you buy from Lincoln of Mansfield, OH, requires oil to run properly. This necessary liquid regulates engine temperature by absorbing and releasing heat away from vital components. It also lubricates different parts, so that they move past each other with minimal friction. Driving without oil can be dangerous to your safety and your car.


Your engine can still run even if it has only a little bit of oil. But eventually, that fluid will run out and the components will rub against each other and generate heat. More sensitive components may break from the friction alone with others succumbing to the overheating. Your engine may stop running within seconds after running out of oil. The repairs to your engine may take plenty of money and time, assuming a complete engine replacement isn't needed.


Fortunately, you don't have to wait until your engine breaks down to realize that you're running out of oil. Instead, pay attention to the following signs.

  • Oil Pressure Warning Light. This is the most common symptom of insufficient oil and oil pressure. Simply adding more oil can turn the light off. It the light remains on after you add oil, then you have more serious issues.
  • Knocking Sound. This is another common sign of low oil caused by camshafts and a valve train without enough lubrication. Your crankshaft bearings will suffer from too much friction and fail, which produces the sounds. The sounds may also have nothing to do with low oil pressure but be caused by an imbalanced crankshaft or cracks in the flex plate of the flywheel.
  • Burning Odor. Without enough oil, engine heat is no longer regulated and parts produce friction as they rub together. The result is a higher temperature that burns what little oil is left. You'll be able to smell this burning inside the car.
  • Overheating Engine. If smoke starts to appear under the hood, the lack of oil may be causing the extra friction in your engine to overheat the engine.


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What to Do

If you discover that you have little to no oil, do the following to prevent problems.

  1. Pull over right away. Every second that you drive with little to no oil may make any engine problems worse. You don't want your engine to break down in the middle of heavy traffic on the highway during rush hour. Find a safe place with enough room for you to walk to the front of the vehicle.
  2. Shut off the engine to prevent moving parts from rubbing against each other with no lubrication. Allow time for the engine to cool, so you can examine it without burning yourself.
  3. Pop open the hood. If you don't know where the oil dipstick is located, check your Owner's Manual. Pull the dipstick out of its container, wipe off the end, and reinsert it. Pull it out and look at the tip. The remaining oil should be between the minimum and maximum lines. If some oil is available below the minimum level, you can either fill up with oil and/or drive your vehicle to a service center for an oil change. If no oil is showing, your car will need towing so that a mechanic can discover if a more serious problem has developed.

Need Help?

If you have questions about how oil affects your vehicle or want to know if a problem that you're experiencing has to do with low oil levels, call the Service Department at Lincoln of Mansfield. Our factory-trained automotive technicians can easily change your oil or handle problems with your engine. We use only parts that are approved by the manufacturers to keep your vehicle in working order.

You can make an appointment or simply take your car in. If you prefer, you can take advantage of our premium service that picks up the vehicle at your home or office at your convenience, services it at our facility, and then delivers it back to you. For repairs that take a while, we can even loan you a Lincoln that you can use until your vehicle is returned.